Cooling for Life in Sub-Saharan Africa CL-Africa

We aim to improve the life of people and promote sustainable economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa by developing technologically and economically viable solutions to the lack of food cold chains. Our focus is on energy-poor smallholder farms, which cannot expand their geographic markets due the lack in affordable cooling chain solutions.

  • Modelling of solar-driven cooling system

    14th Jun 2020 by

    One of the project important stages is obtaining the environmental data to provide the available daily solar energy (e.g. daily sunshine hours and solar irradiation). The data is essential to model the proposed solar cooling system. In Kigali / Rwanda, the average daily solar radiation is around 5 KWh/m2/day, and the minimum and maximum daily… Read more

  • Comparison of solar collectors

    14th Jun 2020 by

    A Rough Comparison between PV (photovoltaic solar panel) integrated with vapour compression and ETC (evacuated tube solar collector) integrated with thermal driven solar cooling systems has been conducted to estimate the cooling capacity that can be produced using an area of 100 m2 of each PV and ETC. It is found that for the same… Read more

  • Heat driven cooling

    9th Jun 2020 by

    There are a lot of resources for heat that can be harvested to directly power your heat driven cooling system without any intermediate heat-to-power subsytem to power a conventional vapour compression cooling unit. This means that your sustainable cooling package is much simpler, cheaper and easier to maintain. Simple sustainable cooling will lead to sustainable… Read more

  • We are a team of researchers from Engineering and Social Sciences

    11th Sep 2019 by

    Although agriculture is central to most of sub-Saharan African countries, the food system remains insecure due to the significant losses of products such as milk, meat, and vegetables. The lack of food cold chains is due to energy poverty and unreliable power supply. The available mechanically driven vapour-compression cooling technologies are energy-intensive, utilise environmentally harmful… Read more

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